USA Insulation: Work Order Sheet

Making Communication Easier at USA Insulation

Clear communication all the way through to the installers in USA was a problem: They needed to implement a better job flow. Often a job was estimated incorrectly, or a critical detail requiring supplies was missed. These oversights would not be discovered until the day of the job, which would cost time and money and cause tension between the installers and the office. The goal was always to take care of the client, but it was getting increasingly difficult.

At Atlas, we look for ways to bring clarity and good communication to a team. Sometimes that requires a system, and sometimes it requires a conversation, and sometimes both.

We planned to redesign the work order form for the sales team. They would fill it out the same time the estimate and contract were created. It spelled out what info was needed for the installers and what pictures would be required to prepare for the client’s big day.

We also needed a good feedback loop and a line of communication between the installers and the sales team. Everyone needed to understand that the sales team was making “promises” to the client during their sales appointments that the installers were expected to make good on. If the installers saw repetitive misses, they would resent the sales team. If the sales team received complaints about the client’s unmet expectations, they would resent the installers.

A feedback loop where “misses” and “bright spots” were communicated to each team was essential. A “miss” acknowledges where the team fell short and can get better. A “bright spot” is something that stands out as a success that we want to repeat.

Weekly, we brought feedback to each team in a way that encouraged and instructed. We called these meetings “huddles” because that’s what a team does. It takes time out of the big game to get organized and motivated to go out and succeed as a team. It’s much more beneficial than the standard placing of blame and complaining.

The result was that the new form plus the team huddle created an environment where everyone felt respected and clarified what was expected of them. Clients were happier, and the team felt more like a team facing outward at the challenges rather than inward at each other.


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