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About Ryan Grimes

Hey everyone! Just like in my photo above I put my wife first, and my son on my shoulders so he can stand tall and see the world from a different perspective. That’s exactly what I want for you too! I want you to be able to put the most important things first in your life. I want you to control your business, not have your business control you…

About Nathan Wigley

Hi! I’m Nathan. This site is all about business and work, but to be honest, the most important titles in my life are husband, father, and friend. I am a lifelong learner and I’ve always strived to honor God with my family, business, and ministry through encouraging people to be their best while I’ve pushed to be my best…


We specialize in helping businesses related to home services and trades, like HVAC, plumbing, roofing, automotive, electric, and restoration. Why? Because it’s what we do, too. Atlas was created by tradesmen, for tradesmen, and we want our skill, experience, insights, and even pitfalls to be the tools that you use to build your own thriving, successful enterprise. At Atlas, we believe that you’re taller when you stand on our shoulders.


Going on a wilderness adventure in order to stretch myself and become a better leader has been so valuable to me personally and professionally. This trip positioned myself for a change of pace and change or place while doing an activity that was outside of my comfort zone. I learned many lessons about how I handle situations that are easily transferable to how I lead others in the workplace. Highly recommend this experience.

Mike Winger

Ryan is great! Super personable. He Knows what direction to point you in. I wanted to start a business in my new town and Ryan helped me with the first steps in my new business. I can’t thank him enough, I don’t know where I would be without his help and encouragement.

Lloyd Hughart

I worked with Nate at 90+ Cycling and he provided great objective views to challenges and ideas we had. Not only did he provide good ideas, he did research on ideas we were looking into and presented the best findings for us to choose from. In addition, Nate also used connections to help us with a major purchase.

John Hughes


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