USA Insulation: Sales Team Follow-up Process

Helping the Sales Team at USA Insulation

The 4-person sales department at USA Insulation had a problem: It needed better sales. If a client was ready to sign a contract on-site at the sales appointment, all was well with the world, but if not, they had no standardized system in place to follow up, and that meant lost sales.

The principle: personal, automated, and flexible systems work best in a company. A unique system is one that the employees have the autonomy to implement as they see fit for an application, but it’s also vital that a system predictably runs itself. This autonomy vs. automation is a tension that’s good to consider for any practical system.

The plan: For the sales team, this meant that we would get help from our partners at Chiirp, who specializes in creating a “sales funnel” that, once started, works on its own behind the scene and lets the sales team move on to their next appointment confident that the followup is happening in the background. They could record ringless voicemails and create text messages in their style that would go out on their behalf, and the client would experience them as personal touch points. Once the client responded to any of these “touches,” the office manager in the USA could stop the funnel and pass it back to the sales rep to facilitate the sale. This is how it flowed:

We also needed to design a straightforward spreadsheet system to track the journey of a sale that required minimal effort by the team to maintain. From sales lead to a sales appointment, to follow-up sales funnel, to scheduling the installation, the office manager could now see where a job was in the process and put the client first by having fewer dropped balls.

The result: The team loved it! It gave them the ability to capture sales that they would have lost. We need more time to see the impact on the bottom line, but the trajectory is looking good today, and clients love feeling cared for all the way through from their first inquiry.


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